“A pioneer is a man that has his head high in the heavens and his feet planted deeply in the ground”


HaShomer HaChadash is a Zionist social-educational organisation established in 2007 by volunteers with the goal of safeguarding the land, assisting farmers and ranchers as well as strengthening the Jewish people’s connections to the land, Jewish values and Zionist identity.

HaShomer’s broad range of activities focus on agricultural volunteering programs alongside educational activities emphasizing the value of work, mutual responsibility, civic courage and love of the land. HaShomer HaChadash sees itself as a developing stream of active Zionism, operating in the pioneering spirit inspired by the original HaShomer organization which operated during the early days of the Zionist movement.

HaShomer implements a wide variety of volunteer and educational activities in Israel’s agricultural and open spaces, serving the diversity of Israeli society.

Since its establishment, HaShomer HaChadash has strengthened connections to the land of Israel among tens of thousands of volunteers, helping hundreds of farmers and national institutions with safeguarding State land while engaging in study and discussion on the values of Zionism. These experiences provide a unique opportunity to engage, formulate and strengthen one’s personal and national identity.


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